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Delay of game…

The void moon in Virgo forms a muted (and mutable) backdrop for a fiery Venus-Mars square today. Venus in Leo is fun, creative, and dramatic, while Mars in Scorpio is protective and secretive. In fixed signs, neither is likely to give much ground or see the other’s perspective.

The potential passions and tensions of the square are contrasted with the easy flexibility of the lunar mood, and the grand gestures of the Goddess of Love and Cosmic Warrior are perhaps more likely to be analyzed than acted upon.

Yesterday may have delivered some sobering news (Venus-Saturn) about relationships, finances, creativity, or just about anything (what does Venus rule in your chart?). Today we may be inclined to act upon that information, but the overall energetic push may be lacking. A plan that was hatched and set up before the void began last night may still take off, but new ideas could fizzle despite intense motivation.

After the moon moves into Libra at 5:54p EDT (2:54p PDT, 9:54p GMT), things may move a little more swiftly. The first aspect the moon will make - tomorrow afternoon - is a sextile to Jupiter. That suggests that tonight may wind up offering more possibilities than the day, and the Venus-Mars energy will still be strong enough to push or pull us towards the better (and worse) potentials that it holds.


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